What Makes YOU Decide to Read a Blog Regularly?

If you read DailyBlogTips, it’s a safe bet that you read some other blogs too.

What makes you decide to add a blog to your RSS reader (or to subscribe by email)?

Which blogs do you find yourself going back to again and again?

As you’re browsing the web, you probably come across new blogs on a regular basis.


  • You follow a link on Twitter to a post on a blog you’ve not read before.
  • A friend recommends a blog to you on Facebook.
  • You search for a topic on Google and click on the top result, which leads to a new blog.
  • One of the newsletters you subscribe to links to a round-up of great blog posts.
  • You read a comment on one of your favourite blogs, and click on the commenter’s name to check out their blog.
  • You listen to a podcast interview with someone, and visit their blog afterwards.

There are plenty of ways to find new blogs, but only really two options for what you do next. Either you go on your way, and probably don’t visit again, or you make that blog one of your regular reads – by subscribing or by visiting the site regularly.

Why do you make that decision?

Is it about great information? An engaging writing style? Good design? A sense of community. Or something else entirely?

Drop a comment below to tell us what makes you decide to read a blog regularly. I’ll round up some of the best comments next week in a post here on DailyBlogTips, so make sure you include your name and your own blog / website’s URL.

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