What Do You Wish You’d Known About Blogging When You Started?

Whether you’ve been blogging for a week or a decade, there are probably things you wish you’d known when you started out.

I began “pro” blogging at the very start of 2008, and I can still remember plenty of mistakes I made (and plenty of lessons it took me a while to learn).

One of the things I wish I’d known was that your blog is a really long-term project and you want to blog about something you can stick with for years.

The first two blogs I launched were on topics that I had a passing interest in and hoped to be able to monetize; it wasn’t until I started my third blog (Aliventures) that I finally began to write about things that really interested me.

But I don’t want to talk about all the lessons I’ve learned the hard way. I’d love instead to hear what you wish you’d known when you started blogging.

Leave a comment below to tell us:

  • How long you’ve been blogging
  • What you wish you’d known when you started

… and I’ll round up some of the best comments for a post next week.

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