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When I started blogging, I quickly found there were loads of strange words that I didn’t really understand. Words like Widgets, CMS, Themes, .htaccess files…

If you’ve ever been confused by some of the jargon surrounding WordPress and blogging, WPBeginner have a very handy glossary of terms.

(Each word/phrase links to a short post explaining it.)

This should definitely be the first place you turn if you come across a WordPress-related word or idea you’re not familiar with.

It doesn’t just cover words and phrases that are unique to WordPress, but others that you’ll likely come across (e.g. cPanel, which is to do with your hosting account). It also includes deceptively normal words like “Author” that have a specific meaning within WordPress.

If the word or phrase that you want to know about isn’t covered, there’s also a link to a suggestion form so you can ask the WPBeginner team to write a post explaining that word/phrase too.

The one small improvement I’d like to see is to have a short (one sentence) description of each word within the main glossary page, so you don’t have to click through to get to the definition, if you just want a very quick explanation.

Check it out today … and drop a comment below to let us know what new term you learned about.

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Source: Top Resource: WordPress Glossary, by WPBeginner

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