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Top Resource: “The Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience” from QuickSprout


Just in case you’ve not come across QuickSprout before, it’s an excellent blog by Neil Patel (founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics).

Neil’s posts are generally in-depth and very useful, but with his series of guides, he’s really taken it to a new level.

This one, The Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience, is a great beginner-friendly resource.

It’s the equivalent of a whole ebook, produced as web pages. It’s written by Neil Patel and Aaron Agius (a search, content and social marketer).

The guide covers:

  • Building a loyal community
  • Types of blog posts that will help grow your blog
  • Setting up your blog for search engine optimisation

… and lots more, including advanced topics like paid search, content syndication networks and repurposing content. (Even if you’ve been blogging for years, like me, you’ll probably find some of this is new to you.)

It’s a completely free guide — you don’t even need to hand over your email address to get it.

The one change I’d like see is to have a downloadable .pdf version of the guide. I realise there’s a big advantage in having it all online, in that Neil can update it whenever needed, but some readers would probably find it convenient to be able to read it offline (e.g. on a long-haul flight).

That’s a very small nitpick though! There’s tons of great material in the guide, and it’s well worth a read for pretty much every blogger.

If you’re just starting out, you may want to stick with the first three chapters and not worry about the rest of the material yet; if you’re more experienced, pick and choose to learn more about the topics that interest you most right now.

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