If You Are Not Working on Your Best Idea, You Are Wasting Time

I am not sure where I heard this moto first. I suspect it was from Neil Patel. But that is not important. The important thing is the message it carries:

“If you are not working on your best idea right now, you are wasting your time.”

It’s a simple statement, and one that most people will agree with. Yet most of us ignore it.

The idea is there, but you just don’t feel it is the right time to tackle it. You figure you need a little bit more experience, a little bit more money, a couple more contacts, and then you’ll be ready.

Until then you decide to work on other, smaller projects.

Bad mistake!

Why? For several reasons.

First of all if you wait too long someone else might implement the same idea and take your market share or customers.

Second, there’s a chance that even without the right experience of financial backup you might be able to make the idea work.

Third, even if you fail, at least you failed pursuing something worth it.

So roll up your sleeves and start working on your best idea today. Or would you rather keep wasting your time with those side projects?

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