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How to Find the Traffic of Any Website on the Internet

Have you ever wondered how many people visit TechCrunch every month? How about the New York Times? How about how many people are visiting the site of your competitors?

Recently I discovered a tool that is quite handy for digging out those numbers. Before presenting the tool, though, here’s a caveat: in theory it’s impossible for an external tool to know exactly how many visitors any website has, because this is information is private to the owners of that site. Most tools that offer those numbers do so based on their own research and estimations, so you should always pick that data with a grain of salt.

That being said, as far as I can tell the numbers presented by this tool are quite solid. It’s called SimilarWeb.com. You just need to input the URL of the website and it will give you a brief report about it. Here are some examples of their traffic estimations:

  • DailyBlogTips – 340 thousand monthly visitors
  • TechCrunch – 34 million monthly visitors
  • New York Times – 140 million monthly visitors

I can verify the DailyBlogTips number, and it’s quite close. The TechCrunch number is also not far off, because the official ‘Advertise with Us’ page say they receive 34 million monthly page views, but it might not have been updated in a while. The NYTimes number could be correct as well, as I heard back in 2012 they were receiving 80 million visitors per month.

As I said, it’s probably the best traffic prediction tool I have seen in a while, so check it out. If you have been using something else with good results please let us know with a comment below.

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Source: http://www.dailyblogtips.com/how-to-find-the-traffic-of-any-website-on-the-internet/

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