Google Trends Now Has Email Notifications

First of all if you are not using Google Trends, you should. It’s a terrific tool for researching keywords, niches and so on, with the benefit of having a very reliable data source (i.e., Google search).

According to a TechCrunch article now there’s one more reason to use the tool: email notifications. Here’s a quotation:

However, though Google Trends itself is a real-time data provider, letting you see what people are searching for at this very moment, the subscriptions feature is not always a real-time alerting service. Instead, when you go to create your first subscription for a topic you specify, after selecting the search term and country, you can then set your emails to arrive either “about once a week” or “about once a month.” (The company notes that the “how often” designation is only a rough estimate, and will vary between topics and over time.)

In other words, that feature is designed more for keeping up on news you’re interested in, by allowing you to more passively receive updates on a fairly regular schedule, but not necessarily getting the information the minute it arrives.

Pretty cool huh?

You basically can subscribe to receive updates about specific topics or keywords, about the update of top charts, to the hot searches and so on.

If nothing else I think you should create some subscriptions for the topics inside your niche to keep up with it.

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