Do You Use Gmail? Here’s a Super-Useful Feature You Definitely Need…


Like a lot of bloggers, I use Gmail. And there’s a good chance you might do too.

(If not? Give it a try. It’s the best email system I’ve used, and I’ve tried quite a few!)

Gmail has plenty of neat built-in features … for instance, if I write the words “I’ve attached” and then fail to actually attach the file, Gmail will pop up a prompt asking me if I’m sure I want to send the message without an attachment.

One of the most useful features I’ve found, though, is a Gmail Labs add-on. Gmail has a bunch of these optional Labs features that you can choose to try out. (You can find out more about Labs here.)

It looks like this:

Yes, that’s an “Undo” link! It’s deceptively small and simple … but very handy for those moments when you hit Send and immediately think oh no!

With this little link, which appears straight after your email is sent, you get five seconds to change your mind. It’s perfect if:

  • You accidentally email the wrong person.
  • You hit Ctrl+Enter instead of Enter when adding a paragraph break, and send your email without meaning to.
  • You realise a second after hitting send that you meant to add something else.

(Note that the “Undo” feature simply delays your emails being sent by a few seconds; it doesn’t actually recall an email that’s been sent. This is why it only works for the five seconds after hitting Send.)

Are you using this already? Is there another Gmail Labs feature you love? Let us know in the comments.

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