DailyBlogTips is Welcoming (High Quality) Guest Posts

Back in 2013 I used to feature a lot of guest posts on the blog. Some weeks we would have 4 or even 5 guest posts published. However, not all posts that a high quality standard, and readers started complaining.

I listened to the readers and abolished guest posts completely. In fact over the past 8 months or so only Ali and I have written posts for the blog.

Despite that I still occasionally receive emails with guest post offers, and some are really good posts and that would add value both to the readers and to the blog. Not to mention that featuring guest posts is a great way to build a community around the blog and to allow readers to interact with other readers.

That’s why I figured that perhaps the best approach is a middle ground: publish guest posts, but only one or two every week, and making sure they are all high quality posts.

Starting today I’ll be accepting guest posts again. If you are interested, below are the guidelines:

DailyBlogTips Guest Post Guidelines

  1. The post must be unique, and must never have been published before online.
  2. The topic must be relevant to our audience and the post must adhere to a high quality standard.
  3. You may include a bio section at the bottom, with one link to your website or blog.
  4. Send your guest post (in the body of the email itself, so no attachments) to daniel@dailyblogtips.com

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