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Last week while browsing the Web I came across a report titled “212 Blog Post Ideas.” It was created by the guys, which I had seen in the past, and the report seemed useful, so I decided to download it.

It has 73 pages, and the ideas go straight to the point. Here’s a quotation from the PDF:

6. The FAQ Post

If you get repeat questions from customers or prospects there is a good chance they are typing these same questions into Google and other search engines. Create content around these topics.

7. The SAQ Post

The Should Ask Question Post is a variation of the FAQ post. This is a question that customers or prospects don’t ask — but they should

The report is free. You signup with your email address and will receive the download link on the second page (you need to wait a bit before it shows up). Here’s the page where you can get it:

–> 212 Blog Post Ideas Report

And here’s another tip: pay attention to how they do things over at The owner, Ryan Deiss, is one of the smartest online marketers around. You’ll notice that right after you signup with your email address you get redirected to a page with a video where he talks about getting subscribers. This is clever because video is extremely powerful to engage people, and by offering the video right after the signup he is not wasting the attention that people are giving him.

Pay attention to how the emails are worded, how the website is structured and so on. There’s a lot to learn there.

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