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5 Tips for Writing Comments that Build Your Blogging Brand

Who would have thought that sharing your opinion would lead to an eBook endorsement from a New York Times bestselling author?

Blog commenting opens doors for the mindful blogger.

By commenting effectively I’ve:

  • Received an endorsement from a New York Times bestselling author
  • Landed a speaking engagement at prestigious NYU
  • Filled my eBook testimonials page with endorsements from respected professional bloggers
  • Been featured on brand.com
  • Received 5 interview requests from authority blogs over the past month
  • Made many blogging friends in high places

I know commenting played a chief role in each circumstance because I either commented extensively on the blogs related to these opportunities or I was told explicitly that my comments opened the doors to the opportunities.

I can hear your question: okay, so how does this benefit me?

Whether you have a skillfully-branded blog, stellar online reputation or are a green blogging newbie you can build your blogging brand through commenting.

The secret is no secret. Move your attention from getting backlinks to adding value to posts. Move your focus from driving traffic to building friendships with authority bloggers.

1. Be Present

Take a deep breath. Your mind likely races to outcomes before you post a comment. You want traffic, or links, or any other self-serving outcome. Kick those thoughts out of your head.

Brand-building commentators are present. Being in the moment focuses your thoughts, feelings and actions on the process of building valuable comments instead of focusing on some outcome. Breathe deeply. Relax. Proceed to the next tip.

2. Write 5 to 6 Paragraphs

Treat comments like content. Publish mini guest post sized comments to make an impact. Length does not equal impact necessarily so create value along with depth.

Bloggers notice thorough, helpful comments because such comments add immense value/content to their posts.
Readers note such comments too. Expect to receive interview requests and guest post opportunities as well as increased traffic by posting thorough comments.

3. Be Nice and Personalize

Never troll. If you disagree share your thoughts kindly while acknowledging the points made by the blogger. Be nice.
In most cases you’ll agree with the post. Pick 1 or 2 points made – proving that you read the post – and expound on the ideas with your personal experience.

Address bloggers by name. Thank them for sharing their insight. Sign off with your name. The tiniest personalizing details make you stand out from the hurried, less than mindful crowd.

If you want to make influential blogging friends quickly address people by their first name. My first name is the best sounding word in my native tongue. You likely feel the same way.

4. Comment Only on Relevant Authority Blogs

Build your brand by associating with authority bloggers. Blogs like Daily Blog Tips are the perfect spot for publishing thoughtful, in-depth comments.

Follow the leader and comment on their blog. Impressed leading bloggers will form bonds with you and impressed readers will click your link to learn more.

Successful bloggers associate with other successful bloggers. Build your brand by being seen alongside authority folks from your niche.

Look at it this way; reaching a big audience requires you to hang with the big dogs.

Comment only on relevant blogs. Target incoming traffic and build mutually beneficial friendships with relevant pros. If your blog theme relates to blogging tips it makes sense to form a friendship with Daniel Scocco through blog commenting.

6. Comment on Every Post

Or comment on almost every new post. Program readers and bloggers with your valuable commenting message.

Persistent commentators appear to be all over the place. In truth they simply condition readers on a subconscious level.
Think of a TV commercial. Commercial advertisements tend to grow on you after repeated exposures. The same idea rings true for blog commenting.

Comment as much as humanly possible on authority, relevant blogs. Make an impact. Be thorough.
Your blog and brand will thank you.

Your Turn

What strategies do you use to make an impact through commenting?

Ryan Biddulph is an internet lifestyle junkie, freelance writer and blogger. He owns Blogging from Paradise.

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